2019 New Year Hand on the Lantern and blessing ceremony

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2019年1月1日 shaolin

In celebration of the 2019 New Year, the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center has organised the “New Year blessing ceremony 2019” ,Wish you and your family well in the new year, attend for free of charge, welcome individual and company donation, who will be listed in the Honored List. After the ceremony, there is potluck party,welcome to bring family and friends, each one carrying a vegetarian food please,during which there will be a wonderful performance.

Time: 1 January 2019 (Tuesday) 10:30 a.m.
Address: 12080 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond

2019 New Year Hand on the Lantern and blessing Ceremony successfully hold and ended

On January 1, 2019, a new year come, seems in a twinkling of eyes, we are at the end of the last year, at this wonderful time of goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year,the light of the Buddha shine, propitious music around,all the people happy and celebrate together, The Cultural Center of Shaolin Temple in Canada hosts the Blessing Ceremony for World Peace, National Prosperous and peace,, Favorable Weather, Happy People, Auspicious Blessing.

Wish: The Shaolin Temple of Canada to start construction as soon as possible!
Wish: the ten party believers live and work in peace, fortune and wisdom, wealth and prosperity, good fortune in six time!

At 11:00 am, the Blessing Ceremony began with the Dharma Masters Shi Yanhong and Shi Yandi from the Shaolin Temple, Songshan, China, at the Vancouver Cultural Center, On New Year’s Day, attracting many pilgrims,more than 100 people from Vancouver, including ten party goodness believers, Dharma Practitioners, Volunteer Bodhisattvas, and so on, have taken part in the event.

At the beginning of the Blessing Ceremony, the Masters entered and recited the Sutra,the Mass standed in line and worshipped devoutly.

The Statue of Earth Store King Bodhisattva has been set ,lighted and purified.

To light a bright lamp, a pious heart, is to build a bridge to illumination and wisdom.

Pass on the lamp, light more lamps with each other, hand in hand,heart to heart, give a person light, give a person hope, give person strength, cultivate good fortune, increase wisdom. A devotional offering of a lamp from our hearts,Please You, the Merciful Great Buddha, accept our sincere praise and prayers!

Recite the prayer, and the Dharma meeting successfully offered to all.

Master Yanhong and Master Yandi gave a speech and sent a New Year’s message on behalf of Grand Master Shang Yong Xia Xin, the abbot of Shaolin Temple in Songshan. Meanwhile, good news is that the Shaolin Cultural Center will lead us back to the Shaolin Temple in China during the warm spring and blossoming season in April, A pilgrimage of “Back Home, Ask Chan, Calm Heart” was launched, and everyone expressed a desire to attend!

Teacher Tang and teacher Yue write the great red Fu Character with brush pen and many ink, to send fortunes home

Lion Dance Opening Congratulations

Master leads the students of the Cultural Centre to perform the wonderful Shaolin kung fu Ba Duan Jin and Shaolin Chan practice Rou Quan

Diana Tang

Choral Chorus “You Are My Sunshine” Love Micro Education

Phoenix Dance School Brings Youthful Hip-hop Performance

The Sword Dance by Lin Fen-er

Host Deng Qiangqing Sings “Shaolin Shaolin”

Master leads the disciples of the Cultural Centre to perform the wonderful Shaolin kung fu Lian Huan Quan and the Da Hong Quan

The show is over, group photo is taken, welcome new year and fortunes, send fortunes home


The Dharma meeting have been reported by local media

Gratitude to Ye Ling, Ni Chaofa, Xue Likun, Cao Lei, Wang Shuqing donated statue of Earth Store King Bodhisattva, Thanksgiving for the following donor to the development of Shaolin Temple: Amy Cao, Elizabeth, Zhong Nenghui, Hol Na, Maria Wang, Lorena, Sophia, Jasmin, Cao Weihong, Guo Wenjie, Jennifer Ge, Michelle Yang, Sunny, Zhang Xinyi, Yang Zhengjun, Guo Yanling, Sun Donghang, Li Jie, Wendy, Deng Yitong, etc. Meritorious Masters (ranking not in order, if any omissions, forgive please). Thanks to all of you for your kind help, farm more fortunate land, boundless merit!