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Schedule for Jan - June 2019
Shaolin Temple of Canada

Songshan Shaolin Temple has established its Shaolin Temple of Canada in Vancouver. Shi Yongxin, Abbot of the Shaolin Temple also came to Vancouver at its inauguration to render his great support.

Shaolin Temple of Canada runs a series of courses of the public good, so as to promote the time-honoured Chinese culture and benefit the general public. An old saying goes that “Various kinds of Chinese Kungfu originate from Shaolin Temple”. Shaolin Kungfu combines body-building through martial arts and self-cultivation through Chan meditation. Welcome to our courses of Shaolin Kungfu and Chan meditation.

Note: most courses are instructed in Mandarin, however you are welcome to attend any class even if you do not speak Mandarin, there may be a student available that might be able to translate some information.

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